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COpperpix augmented products


  • Easily create, publish and manage your own AR contents for multi-location, image or pdf/webpage based targets.
  • Bring life to your static media by augmenting dynamic content on it.
  • Get realtime analytics.
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With its simple drag-and-drop interface, the cloud-based Copperpix Creator is the perfect do-it-yourself tool to quickly and easily build and manage engaging interactive print experiences. Sign up to join the over 64,000 publishers already using the Copperpix Creator to add interactivity to their print content.

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Anubhav is an IIT Bombay graduate with more than a decade of leadership experience in engineering, product marketing and business development in mobile, computing segments. He held key leadership positions at Motorola, Freescale, Texas Instruments and NXP-Phillips. He holds MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering from University of Virginia, USA and MBA from University of Texas at Austin, USA



Sapna Mittal brings with cutting edge work experience in Software Industry with specialization in Image and Video processing. She worked for several years at Apple Inc in different roles from Software to Product side of the embedded line. She received her B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from Pune University and Master of Science in Computer Science from University of Texas Arlington. She is an entrepreneur and primary driver behind this venture. She showed the signs of entrepreneurship early in life when she proposed a new business idea to Bill Gates as Imagine Cup US Finalist.

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CopperPix innovation journey has just begin. Try out our BETA release and feel the simplicity and effectiveness of our product.

  • Headquarter USA: 4409 Watson Circle Santa Clara CA - 95054
  • Phone:+1 512-351-3869
  • Email: info@copperpix.com